TOP 101 largest in Slovenia: Mercator slides, Krka firmly on the throne

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At last year's ranking, Mercator, the largest retailer in Slovenia, lost the title of largest Slovenian group, and this year they dropped to the  fifth place. On the other hand Krka ,thanks to profits (159.8 million  euros net operating result) and to  employment,increases the advantage over others.

Mercator Group remains the largest employer,which  in Slovenia and in  the Western Balkans last year, on average, employed 24,093 people. The group Gorenje Velenje is the  second  with 10,877 employees. By all settings with the exception of net income – it ended  at the end of the year on a positive zero ,which ranks it at 79th place – it ranks among the top ten.

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The highest sales records at  the fourth place- group of Petrol. Fifteen precent revenue growth last year, to 3.75 billion euros, partly was a consequence of the more expensive fuel, and if we judge by the price increases in this year and interim results of the group, Petrol is a prime candidate to endanger  at the second and at the third places the  national HSE and Dars. They are so high because of the lot of funds in the management (Dars 5.63 billion euros , HSE 2.6 billion euros ) and capital (Dars 2.44 billion euros, HSE 1.47 billion euros).

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