Highest monthly salary in Montenegro amounted 62.883 euros.

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The highest monthly net wage in the last year was 62.883 eura, according to the Tax authority.

The highest earnings are in the financial-banking sector, telecommunications and tourism.

This is the largest amount that is reported and taxed as income in the previous year. Regulations prohibit publishing the name of the person the wage is paid, but the IRS said that in Montenegro the highest salary is the one of the employees in the financial and banking sector, telecommunications and hospitality. Five largest net monthly wages paid in Montenegro are ranging from 31,000 Euros to almost 63,000 Euros. The salary is paid only in one month, but it is certainly the largest in the whole year. According to IRS records, the second largest reported earnings amount 62,267 Euros, while on third position is the salary amounting 57,438 Euros.

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