SRB: New investments in the announcement

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First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic announced today that it will be open in November big ” Bosch ” factory, which will employ 600 people and that ” Mercedes ” is close to agreement with Fap .

“The data which shows that Serbia is going forward ,  reducing unemployment, having more investment , is what is most important for us ,” said Vucic .

Vucic said that , if realized cooperation with  ” Mercedes ” it would be very good news for the country, because Fap ” holds” the entire southwest Serbia.

He stated that this would be the solution that deserves a Nobel Prize – to solve a problem of FAP and ” 14 October ” .

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“We will deal primarily with it and it will be a priority for us ,” said Vucic, who added that talks would continue with the company Mubadala .

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