Police control the operations of all state-owned firms in Montenegro

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The Police (UP) began to control the operations of all companies that are majority owned by the state.

From the top of the Police have  confirmed that officers for combating the  economic crime have  already taken part of the documentation for  the control of the company  Plantaze “July 13”, the manufacturer of the famous Montenegrin vine called ‘Vranac’.

Besides Plantze , the business of the companies  EPCG, Luka Bar , Railway infrastructure , Railway transportation, Jadransko brodogradiliste, Simo Milosevic Institute, Budva Riviera, Ulcinj Riviera,  is controlled.

From the Police made  clear that  they did not start with the control ,after filing charges against the irregularities in the management of Plantaze or other companies.

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“It is about  ordinary control of  business activities of all the companies in which the state is the majority shareholder,” it  was said in the Police.

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