KiM: Banks earned 16.2 million euros

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No  less than 16 million euros  have acquired commercial banks in the country during the first half of this year, compared with the same period last year shows that banks profit this year increased by 5.6 million euros .

In the latest report of the Central Bank of Kosovo ( CBK ) on quarterly assessment of the economy said that the performance of the banking system in the first half of 2013 was positive .

” While banking revenues decreased slightly compared to the same period of the previous year , expenses declined more pronounced , mainly due to lower spending in the category of expenses for provisions . In this category during the second quarter of 2013 were spent 19.9 million euros , while in the same period last year spent 27.5 million euros , ” the report states .

Further, the report states that in June 2013 , non-performing loans had a 7.6 percent share of total loans in the banking sector . It is worth noting that the share of non-performing loans to total loans remained unchanged from March , when he just stood at 7.6 percent , as compared to December 2012,when  increased by 0.1 percentage points .

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” The sectors that contributed to the increase of non-performing loans during this period were mainly manufacturing, trade and loans to individuals and households . Non-performing loans continue to be well covered by provisions for potential credit losses . In June 2013 , the NPL coverage by provisions for loan losses increased to 113.8 percent compared with 111.9 percent in December as it was in 2012 ” , the report states.

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