CRO: The average net salary in Zagreb in July fell to 835 euros

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The average net salary in Zagreb in July of this year was about 836.45 euros (6,379 kuna), which was nominally by 0.4 percent, or 3.67 euros less than in June.

On an annual basis, however, compared to July 2012. , the average net salary in Zagreb for same month this year was higher by 8.92 euros, or 1.1 percent in nominal terms, according to the Statistics Department's Office for strategic planning and development.

The average net salary in Zagreb’s economy in July, was 839.59 euros, and outside of  business activities 829.63 euros.

According to the amount of the average monthly net salary in Zagreb four activities lead with  an average for July over 1311.25 Euros, while the highest net earnings are recorded in management activities; consultation about  management of 1,536,66 Euros.

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The  lowest net salaries  in Zagreb  have people employed in protective and investigative activities, in the amount of 415.54 euros.

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