BiH: Number of the blocked accounts rose to 63.455

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Central Bank  in BIH published a list of blocked accounts of business entities in BiH, according to which on 1 October,  63 455 accounts were blocked, while 38,786 firms have at least one blocked account.

In the report on blocked accounts in the Registry of Transaction Accounts of the Central Bank, which contains more than 2,526 pages, all legal persons are listed, from all  spheres of  social life, from commercial enterprises, shops, hair salons, gas stations, pharmacies, dental offices, cafes and restaurants to various agencies, cooperatives, companies.

The list also includes mines, local communities, municipalities, sports federations, including the company owned by a celebrity. Blocked accounts have taxi drivers, transport companies and other private companies. Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar have the greatest number of the  blocked accounts, given that in most of these  cities have great number of the registered legal entities.

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In the first report, which was released in November last year, there were 58,038 accounts blocked, and 35,694 companies had at least one blocked bank account.

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