One euro taxes continues also in 2014. year ?

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Although tax euro for the phone cards, for electricity and cable television are valid until January 1st of next year , from Government haven ’ t announced that it will be abolished.

Taxes were introduced in July last year , and according to the law, may be charged up until  January 1st 2014.

“Depending on the effects of measures fiscal consolidation that are implemented , and from earned income by that basis, until the end of year will be review need for further application of law in this area,” said from Ministry of Finance.

We recall that the taxes on SIM card , cable connectors , electric meter and use of tobacco products introduced after falling of  first state guarantee for KAP ’s  loan of about 24 million. For more than a year ,announced from the Ministry , around 12.8 million coalesced to the state budget on that basis.

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According to projections , the Ministry of Finance expecting that for about four million will flow into the state budget to end the year on that basis.

President of the Parliamentary Committee for Economy, Budget and Finance,  Aleksandar Damjanovic said that, instead of extending taxes in next year, that revenue of the maximum 10 million on annual, could be replace with more timely manner settlement of tax arrears .

“We will be against of any extension of tax payment and we will offer alternatives for money that miss in budget , as always,” said Damjanovic.

The Secretary General of the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro Srđan Keković said to the Government not to expects extension of payment taxes – since next year.

“When taxes are introduced , we were against because of difficult economic situation and falling of employees standards. We ‘ve talked that  Government should resolve budget deficit by other economic policies ,” said Keković adding that they suggested this can be done through higher taxes on luxury and over rich .

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