Boka group returns land to the locals?

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According to statement of representatives of land’s owner Mata Marovića, Elementary Court in Kotor adjucated in favor of inhabitants of Kotor and Tivat in litigation related to land returning in the space of former  farm in Tivat, where company Boka Group is building a golf field.

Right to appeal has state of Montenegro, and in case if decide to take this step, the process will be taken in front of the High Court in Podgorica.

“Restitution of land parcels is in process, because we are waiting opinion of the Commission for Restitution of Property in Bar,” said Marovic, who pointed out that it is very important judgment issued by the Court of Kotor, “as it has been confirmed that we are the owners of the land on which we will not allow any kind of construction.”

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Property owners in Mrcevo polje asked restitution of 270,000 square meters, which are  expropriated from 1959. to 1962.year, for purposes of establishing of a farm, and company Boka group announced construction of golf field  on over 786,000 square meters of leased land.

During the official opening of the golf field, which was organized fifteen days ago by Boca group in Mrčevci, owners of land parcels protested against the building.

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