The Chinese interested in buying Croatia Airlines and Slovenian Adria

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Negotiations with China Southern Airlines, the largest Asian airlines, of buying the airport in Ljubljana and the Slovenian airline Adria Airways are  at the end , said Zmago Skobir , director of the Ljubljana airport. According to him, the airport Ljubljana and Adria Airways could operate stably and earning if to realize the interest of Chinese carriers to cooperate , resulting in increased traffic .

Statement by the Director of Ljubljana airport could have significance for the upcoming sale of Croatia Airlines . China Southern Airlines , in fact, one of the potential candidates for the purchase of 49 percent of Croatian airlines . The Ministry of Transport , however, are hoping that  this company could answer the call for proposals for the sale of Croatia Airlines that the government would announce no later than 15 October.

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If the Chinese airline actually buy the Ljubljana airport and up to 49 percent of Adria Airways , it is expected that this will not stop because the capacity of the company is too small for their needs.

Therefore, the logical conclusion that the Chinese company would start buying and Croatian national companies . Would it be in this case merged the two companies into one, now it is difficult to assess .

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