Foreign investment in Croatia in amount of 426.9 million euros

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Direct  foreign investment in Croatia, in the first half of this year, amounted to 426.9 million euros.

Most investors  are Germany and the biggest  investments are attracted by the  post and telecommunications , according to preliminary data of the Croatian National Bank ( HNB) .

According to the balance of payments ,in the first quarter of this year, direct foreign investment amounted to 505.7 million euros, but in the second quarter  outflow is noted , or minus of 78.8 million euros , which  lowered the growth  at the mid-year level  to 7.4 percent.

Observed by sector, in the first half of the year, most investments were made  in the section ” Post and Telecommunications ” in the amount of 105.9 million euros ,  in real estate – 60.9 million euros , followed by food and beverages – 59.5 million euros and construction – 54.3 million euros of  investment.

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Several activities, according to Central Bank statistics , in the first six months of 2013, have outflows and minuses are most  recorded in the sale of motor vehicles ( 123.5 million euros ) and in the banking sector, which recorded outflows amounting to 40.6 million euros.

Statistics by countries  shows ,that in the first half of the year ,in Croatia, mostly invested , investors from Germany, in the amount of  127.7 million euros.

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