MNE will borrow from Morgan Stanly

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The Montenegrin   Government will consider the bids received from banks for state borrowing for another 100 million euros , and they will probably choose Morgan Stanly.

The final decision will be made today, but, as the “Pobjeda” says, it is almost certain that the government will borrow from the Bank of America, which has submitted the best offer.

The interest rate is 5.85 percent plus the three-month Euribor and the deadline for repayment of  euros  100 million euros  is three years.

The same source states that the interest rate is lower than the one that was on the first Eurobonds or Eurobonds issue, which  was 7.85 per cent and 7.25 per cent on the second.

In accordance with the Budget Law for this  year, borrowing was limited to 250 million euros.

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The state  borrows 102.5 million euros so far  (guarantees of Aluminum company ), 16 million in Erste Bank, and for one more ,lower amount on the domestic market.

For The remaining amount of 100 million euros , the Government sought bids from banks, after “Morgan Stanly” bank provided the best terms.

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