The leaders of BiH have 10 days to reach the agreement or they should expect the sanctions from EU

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, at least temporarily,  from 10 October avoided the  European Union sanctions, which include freezing of membership in the Council of Europe and the freezing of IPA funds.

Political leaders, in  the presence of the European Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fuele, signed in Brussels a joint statement, which consists of the seven counts in which  are stated further principles of the work on the implementation of the judgment in the case of ‘Sejdic -Finci’ and on  the establishment of a coordination mechanism related to EU matters integration.

“We decided to stop this  meeting of the high-level dialogue and to continue on 10 October, “said Füle said after the signing of a joint statement by the seven leaders and representatives of political parties, the government and the Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity.

Leaders in BiH, according to a statement read by Fule, are  ready to go ahead with full implementation of the judgment in case “Sejdic-Finci” which would allow all BIH citizens to run for the elections for the Presidency and House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH. It was agreed that the Presidency would be  composed of three members who should  be directly elected. Two members will be elected from territory of the Federation, according to the model which will be subsequently aligned, and the third from the RS. According to the agreement, the FBiH and RS have separate constituencies.

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Participants of the meeting agreed to finalize the model for the establishment of effective and efficient coordination mechanism for the issue of European integration, respecting the principles of inclusion on the basis of competence. The third session of the High Level Dialogue will continue in Brussels on 10 October under the chairmanship of the High Commissioner for Enlargement Fuele.

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