Employment is a strategic issue for the Government of Serbia

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– The basics of Government priorities are regulatory reforms, resolving the fate of 615 SOEs, the professionalization of state and public companies and raising competitiveness and liquidity of the economy – said today  the Minister of Economy Sasa Radulovic.

He said at the press conference that by the agreement with the World Bank by the middle of next year, the government will resolve  the status of 179 companies which restruction   annualy  costs $ 750 million dollars.

– The strategic issue is the government employment – Radulovic said, adding that the government in future will continue  to  measure employment.

He pointed out that the biggest issue for 220,000 entrepreneurs and 88,000 companies that are employing 730,000 people is impost on work which results in low competitiveness.

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Radulovic reiterated that the government must reduce taxes on labor, and to introduce progressive tax rates and combat the gray economy.

He did not talk about the details because as he said that was not the responsibility of the Ministry of economy, but it was  the responsibility of the Government.

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