Bad prognosis for Slovenia in 2014.

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Slovenian Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development (Umar) in autumn economic forecast for Slovenia for this year predicts 2.4 percent contraction of GDP, which is the same forecast from June. In  2014.  A decline in GDP of 0.8 percent is expected , because the  0.6 percentage points of  forecast less for this summer. The economy growth should be recorded only in the 2015 year and for weak  0.4 per cent .

Since the publication of the previous forecast a lot of things changed. As a positive factor Umar director Bostjan Vasle   sees some better conditions in the international environment because  for the first time in a long time it can be expected that the pulse of trading partners for Slovenia  could be positive. On the negative trend in GDP ,continues to affect rehabilitation of  the banking system and fiscal consolidation.

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The following year the Umaru expects  these trends to be still negative, but to a lesser extent, by the end of the year it is expected to stop the contraction ,said Vasle.

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