MNE: 21 companies want to pay tax debt by giving its property

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So far, 21 companies submitted a request to the Ministry of Finance to pay tax debt to the government with the  property. If the all  requirements were  met , the tax debt would be reduced by about 20 million euros. This does not mean that the problem will be solved, because the debts are  nearly 354 million euros.

Director of the company LOVCEN INVEST Milenko Radmilović intends  to pay the tax debt for contributions with property – about 100-thousand euros.

About 20 employers share his opinion , and  the Ministry of Finance received 21 requests for offsetting tax debt with  property .

“The total value of the debt according to  these requirements is around 20 million euros,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, Maria Radenovic.

What will happen with these requirements,it should be  known after the next cabinet meeting.   The procedure assumes that applications should be submitted to the Tax Office, and then are forwarded to the Commission, established by the Ministry of Finance

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“An integral part of the procedure is an  evaluation  carried which does  the property appraiser. The Commission has the authority  when this assessment is too high, to do evaluation once more  , in order to obtain a more realistic picture, and  not to be damaged neither the state nor the tax debtor, “said Radenovic.
Milenko Radmilović believes he is financially damaged by the assessment of property  , but he will not  look for a new one.

“In my opinion evaluation is significantly below what the real value is , because my objects are located in the center of Podgorica, but I can not reproach the  state, because this is the only way to solve the problem,” he said.

We remind, that the Government in April issued a decree stipulating that the debt that exceeds 100 thousand euros can be payed with the property

The condition is that the property is not  under a mortgage or some other authorities.

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