Macedonians last year spent more than 90 million on sports betting

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Macedonians spent more than 90 million in sports betting last year according to the analysis of business data from four sports betting, Sport Life Trade, Zlatna Kopacka Jedan, Betcity Balkan and MasterBet, who were among This year's ranking of top 200 largest and most profitable companies. However, this amount is certainly higher if we take into account incomes from small sports betting companies that are not among the bigger ones.

Sport Life Trade is the largest sports betting in Macedonia, which finished the last year with revenue of $ 51.3 million euros, and the second one is  Golden Boot with annual revenues of 16 million euros. Betcity Balkans with revenues of 14 million euros is the third largest sports betting,in 2012, while the fourth  is MasterBet with revenues of 3.75 million euros.

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The highest profit achieved sports betting MasterBet-one million euros, and the second most profitable  sports betting is Sport Life Trade with a profit of 714,000 euros.

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