Since the beginning of the crisis 600,000 people lost their jobs in Serbia

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Minister of  Economy Sasa Radulovic said today that since the start of the crisis in Serbia around 300,000 jobs were lost formally , and  informally more  than 600,000.

– “For a country of our size ,this is a huge shock,” said Radulovic , emphasizing  that  employment is  a major problem in Serbia, and that the state has  been dealing with the consequences for a long time and not with the causes of the problem.

– “I personally think  that the solution is  a healthy economy based on the domestic economy. And by that, I do not think  just about  the companies that are owned by domestic legal persons, but also on those that are owned by legal persons from abroad”, said the minister. Besides, the unemployment rate in Serbia is currently slightly higher than 24 percent.

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