NIS is the best company in Serbia

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Petroleum Industry of Serbia is the best company in Serbia with operating income in the 2012 year, of more than two billion euros and with a net profit of 402.5 million euros.

In the second place according to operating income  is Elektropivreda Serbia (EPS) with  1.68 billion euros, followed by Telecom Serbia with one billion euros, Delhaize Serbia with 913 million euros , while the fifth company is  Srbijagas with  659 million euros, according to the publication  “Top 500”.

According to net profit in 2012,in the second place is Telekom Serbia, with  profit of  109 million, in the third place is  Telenor with a profit of 95 million euros, followed by PTT Serbia and the  Tarket company.

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Publication “Top 500”, which was presented today in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, contains a list of 500 large enterprises and basic information about their business. Among these companies are Mercator S, Delta Holding, Vitkorija group Farmakom MB.

According to analysts, to economic research team of Hypo Alpe Adria Bank and Certus consulting company, the largest companies in Serbia  performed relatively well during the crisis, regardless of the aggregate loss during the 2012 year.

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