KAP owes to creditors 459. 4 million

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2,236 creditos applied to bankruptcy administration of KAP who claim approximately  459.4 million total euros , it was reported from the factory in Podgorica.

Examination hearing is scheduled for October 7th, and by then the final list of  all claims should be represented.

Once the list is published  on the notice board of the Commercial Court, each creditor has the right to deny the claim of the other creditors , no lter than examination hearing , it was said in the statement.

The deadline for the making the list of the recognized and the contested claims was September 20th.

In the meantime, a three member comittee of creditors of KAP is formed, which consist of the representatives of the Ministry of Finance, CEAC, and EPCG.

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The five largest creditors of KAP are MINISTRY OF Finance which claims 148.1 million euros ,CEAC about 50 million, EPCG 44.9 MILLION, EN plus group 43.4 million, and VTB bank  25.8 million.

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