MNE: Turkish company buys Container terminal?

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The company Global Ports Holding from Istanbul was the only one that submiteed the offer for buying 62 percent shares of “Container Terminal and General Cargo” Bar, was announced after Government Council for Privatization and Capital Projects meeting.

At today's meeting of the Council for Privatization and Capital Projects, chaired by the Prime Minister and Council President Milo Djukanovic, considered report of Tender Commission about results of public tender for sale 62 shares of “Container Terminal and General Cargo” Bar, with contract proposal.

As announced from the Government, four companies that have qualified for tender, onlu one submitted an offer within the deadline – Global Ports Holding from Istanbul.

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“The Council accepted Report of Tender Commission, with conclusion that  consultation with the with bidder to remedy the dilemma of individual items and Purchase Agreement sholud be done, and thereafter, together with Concession Agreement, submit it to the Government for consideration and approval,” according to  police statement.

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