The highest pension in Croatia € 2,485, the highest annual salary € 854,000

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The highest pension in Croatia have three state officials and nine soldiers who receive more than 16,106 kunas ( 2,117 Euros). It is not difficult to assume that the highest official's retirement made ​​three former president – Franjo Tudjman , Mesic and Vlatko Pavletić who briefly served as head of state. However, the most privileged pensions is even higher at 18,900 kunas ( 2,485 Euros). Income on this basis for comparison among ordinary pensioners who have full experience almost twice less and amounts to HRK 9,800 ( 1,290 euros).

Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor first slashed official's retirement. The average pension of former MPs, members of the Government , the constitutional judges is 9,000 kunas ( 1,183 Euros) , and Veterans 5,377 kunas ( 706 Euros).

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According to tax returns processed so far , the highest reported income in Croatia in the last year was 6.5 million kuna ( 854,000 euros).

Croatian taxpayers treated more than 80 percent received the annual income tax return and the right to a refund of taxes generated more than 475,000 people , totaling 886 million.

Obligation to the processed tax returns make an additional payment of income tax payer has 49,331 , and required payment amount is 192.9 million. The Tax Administration's estimate that the refund amount overpaid tax to be within the last year , or about 1.1 billion. According to previously processed applications , the highest reported income from employment for year 2012. amounted to HRK 6.5 million , followed by the person who reported 5.8 million.

Two taxpayers for the last year have reported income from employment in excess of four million ( 4.8 and 4.4 million ) , and six reported that last year earned more than three million .

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