SRB: From UAE 2-3 billion $ of loans

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First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said that he expects that Serbia will receive loan of two to three billion dollars from the United Arab Emirates.

It is about loan by the lowest interest rate for a period 20 to 30 years, and Serbia plans to repay debts that are the highest burden, explained Vucic.

Vucic said that the rest of that money will be invested in economy to employ more people and for country out of the crisis slowly.

“I expect that Sheikh Mohammed from UAE visit Serbia in coming weeks,” said Vucic, adding that he asked him, as his friend, for a loan of two or three billion dollars that United Arab Emirates gave to some Arab countries.

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By pointed out on difficul situation in Serbia, Deputy Prime Minister said that Serbia will spend billion euro repayment on  following year.

“People in Serbia must understand that we have a hard time, but we will get stronger and more serious from it, and to be leaders in the region.We will have to find measures to stimulate the economy,” Vucic said.

He announced that Serbia will amend the Labor law to encourage employment and change tax system.

“We have to create a better business environment, not wait for  building permit a year, two, three.We will have to pass new Labor law. I will speak with unions on MOnday, we may agree, or may not,” said Vučić.,

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