MNE: Representatives of the Croatian and Indian companies visited KAP

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Representatives of Croatian company TLM-TVP from Sibenik and Indian Vedanta risortis visited Aliminium plant Podgorica, yesterday, confirmed Nebojsa Dožić, leader of management team that manages Aluminium plant.

They visited plant with Dozic yesterday, after which they will submit an offer.

– The visit was in progress. They came to see the entire Aliminium plant, to see what it about, and than they will make an offer. They will visit factory in the coming days, said Dožić for DG.

According to him, investors are interested in KAP, all options are on the table, “and their first impressions are good.”

– They came to look at the situation at the plant, and after that, we will only begin to talk. If they find KAP interesting, we will negotiate about electiciy. There will be time for negotiation, Dožić added.

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According to unofficial information, Croatian company TLM-TVP is interested in activating processing capacity of KAP and Alumina. Probably Croatian company would not be conditional on subsidies for electricity, because in that country it is not allowed after entering EU. It means that company already pays market price of electricity.

Since 2012 th owners of TLM-TVP company. areEuris the Austrian company, owned by Mark and Laurent Pejcinovski.

Indian company Vedanta risortis owns about 15 percent of KAP shares through its offshore company.

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