Olters: Kosovo has financial stability

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Kosovo has  macro-financial stability, and continues to reach the most dynamic developing countries compared with the region. But the country's challenges are still huge, especially in terms of reducing unemployment and poverty. So says World Bank chief in Kosovo, Jan Peter Olters.

Kosovo continues to record growth, more dynamic than in the region. But this increase is not enough to reduce poverty and unemployment. So says the head of the World Bank Office in Kosovo, Jan Peter Olters. He notes that the World Bank's position is that it takes a focus on long-term growth strategy, which includes several important elements.

“One of them is to commit to maintaining macro-fiscal stability, financial stability, ie to preserve those areas that have been strong so far, but also focus on areas that pose an obstacle to growth, such as the environment to doing business, law, infrastructure, institutions. “said Olters.

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Olters says privatization of Post and Telecom of Kosovo is at a critical stage, and the successful conclusion of the process, according to him, is not certain. If not finalized the sale of this public company, Olters reminds government to the agreement with the IMF regarding the construction of the highway to Skopje.

“In the context of the IMF program Kosovo has received very specific obligations that bind the privatization of Telecom, at the beginning of the construction of Corridor 6 to Macedonia. So compliance is achieved for a clear policy and IMF, and WB indirectly, want to make sure that it stays within the framework of the policy it, “he said.

Speaking to a special fund for northern Kosovo, World Bank chief in Kosovo, Jan Peter Olters says it will be okay, as long as reflected in the budgetary framework. “In the process of creating the institutions, in the context of local institutions, think finances should also be integrated to the extent that the institutions would not be financed by an extra-budgetary fund. There must be a link between certain lines of income and expenditure and make it through a special fund for these municipalities. We think it is OK as long as reflected in the budget and fiscal framework, “said Olters.

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