Handelsblatt: ECB interested for Slovenia to ask help

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Allegedly European Central Bank is interested seeking financial assistance in Slovenia under the European Stability Mechanism, is published the German newspaper Handelsblatt. Rumors about Slovenia as a candidate for foreign financial assistance has been long because of its troubled banking sector.

The ECB declined to comment this allegations to Reuters. List does not specify how ECB expressed its interest in Slovenian request for assistance, nor as well as other details.

Slovenian state-owned banks stifle bad loans, in amount 7.5 billion euro, that is more than fifth of gross domestic product (GDP) of country. This high load increase speculation that Ljubljana coming to ask for help next months.

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According to the newspaper, head of Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem asked from Slovenian Minister of Finance to inform their fellow from euro zone about state of banks in his country. The motivation for this requirement is apparently  step that Ljubljana took on Friday, when announced liquidation of two small banks – Factor bank and Probanka.

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