CRO: Affair Centar Banka-Co owner authorized 17.2 million loans to himself

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Dragutin Biondić, co-owner of Central Bank, to his companies approved three loans “heavy” 17.2 million kuna! His company Heruc Galeria and Villa Dubrovnik were users of two loans worth 15 million kuna, and the company Estare Cult was borrower of 2.2 million, which sold to former director Nikola Mikic in 2007th.

Loans data Biondic confirmed by PR , adding that loans did not exceed legal minimum of 10 percent of capital at any time.

– It was far below the legal minimum of 10 percent of capital , or 22 million, and two loans have been returned until today while Estare Culto sold out – says Biondić .

Company Estare Culto is now in the process of before bankruptcy settlement, and credit to Center Bank is dispute settlement , with which new owner Mikic continued cooperation.

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Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development is right across that bank paid off loan in amount of $ 14.3 million kuna, to company Estare Cult, but after it had taken a new owner .

Yesterday business diary revealed two controversial customer of Center banks whose loans were approved: Slavs Colak and Igor Mlinar, who in recent years detained on suspicion of various offenses. Colak was granted a loan from Center banks at least 30 million kuna , with given pledge- tourist resorts building project in Karlobag.

Colak is already associated with risky loans , and with those Croatian postal bank as it led Joseph Protega.

Colak with another ten managers and customers of bank was arrested in Action ATM on suspicion of drawing money from HPB. The indictment ATM was confirmed in meanwhile.

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