Euro in regard to dinar on to the highest level since this year

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Serbian currency on Tuesday, the second day in a row, will bring down limit value of EUR this year. Once recorded a minimum value on Friday dinar is, on trading among banks on Monday declined additional 0.2 percent, or 35 para, despite the intervention of the NBS with 20 million euro. On Tuesday, with this fall, Euro in Serbia will worth RSD 115.0174 according to middle value of exchange rate of the central bank.

Since beginning of year, NBS has sold 365 million euro, counting today's intervention, in order to prevent fall  of dinar and bought 90 million euro, when the value of the dinar had daily sudden jumps.

This year dinar was strongest toward EURO on 30th April, when euro was worth 110.5426 dinar, and so far has been weakest 22nd June, when the middle exchange rate was RSD 114.5353 for euro.

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According to estimate of economic analysts, dinar could be changed at the mid course of 116 to the euro until the end of the year.

The indicative dinar exchange rate against the dollar is now in stagnation and is 87.0718.

On a monthly basis, dinar is weaker by 2.3 percent than the dollar, and on annual stronger by seven percent.

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