Confirmed: Mercedes becoming a strategic partner of Ikarbus in Serbia

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Germany car company “Mercedes” will make a strategic partnership with the Belgrade bus manufacturer “IKARBUS” with the help of the Serbian government director of “Mercedes Benz” for Serbia Rolf Juegen Seyer confirmed at the Motor show in Frankfurt. It is Discussing  about  truck factory in Priboj.

On the chassis of “Mercedes” and with their management, “Ikarbus” will make an upgrade for buses and not only for Serbian but also for third markets. They also discussed about  truck factory in Priboj, but information about possible forms of cooperation are is still collecting. To would be the second big company coming to Serbia and it would, certainly, solve issue of busses for city transport  and also big buses for intercity transport .

As for the performances of “Fiat” on 65th Frankfurt Motor Show, this company presents its new product, “Fiat 500L living” model with seven seats, extended in relation to basic version.

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It will be available with three small engines, two petrol engines of 900 and 1,400 cubic meters of “turbo”, one  new diesel engine of 1,600 cc, which is also “turbo.” This is very important because “Fiat” for sixth month have exported from Serbia 839,6 million euro, or four times more than the car industry of Serbia have ever exported.

By the end of the year, exports of “500L-a” and “500L-a living” will be even 1.6 billion euro, which will be the largest single export of automotive industry on Balkans. According to experts, it is a great success considering that the factory in Kragujevac employ only 3,000 workers. Total needs of production are about 100,000 vehicles, and even 25 percent should go to the U.S. market.

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