Macedonians introduced countermeasures to Kosovo

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Macedonia has introduced countermeasures -after Pristina banned imports of number of Macedonian products.

From midnight, to enter to Macedonia from Kosovo, tax is five euro for each car and two euro for each passenger.

For trucks, tax  is 10 euro and two euro per passenger, told the Skopje media.

Self-proclaimed Kosovo on Wednesday, 4 September, without notice, introduced embargo for import of Macedonian products. On the list are wheat, flour, milk, confectionery, fruit and vegetables, as well as alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes.

Until yesterday, Macedonian government was not informed about reasons for introduction of embargo on agricultural products, and so far, it is not known how long these decisions will be valid.

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In early July the Government in Skopje issued decree, according to which domestic importers are obliged to, per kilogram of imported wheat buy three pounds of domestic, and  per kilogram of imported flour, four kilograms of wheat from domestic production.

It was anticipated that restricting imports of wheat and flour be valid until 31 December, or until stabilization of market and regular buying of domestic wheat by manufacturers, but the Government, after assessing that market is stabilized, that measure related to imports of wheat lifted from 2nd September and announced that half of mid-month will be abolished regulation on limited imports of flour.

Trade exchange between Macedonia and self-proclaimed Kosovo, in last year amounted 421 million dollars. Surplus is on the Macedonians who exported goods for 392 million dollars, and imported 29 million dollars. The same trend has continued this year.

Most exports from Macedonia to Kosovo is oil and petroleum products, cement, steel and iron products, cigarettes, drugs, bakery products and beer, and import steel products and other pipes, water, plastic sheets, bitumen and asphalt.

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