SRB: So far 80,000 RS domain registered

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A number of companies, organizations and individuals who protect their identity in that way, company name or brand on Serbian internet space, is slightly less than that number, because some of them have registered larger number of domain names for their needs, according to the statement of National Registry of Internet domain of Serbia (RNIDS).

Serbian domestic. RS domain is one of the youngest national domains in the world, because it started to work in 2008th. All other European national domains, as well as the national Internet registries, exist  since the nineties, and the National Register of Internet Domain of Serbia (RNIDS) this year marked its seventh anniversary.

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Other national Internet domain of Serbia, Cyrillic. СРБ, exist only year and a half , and currently there is about 4,000 registered names. After the Russian. РФ, our. СРБ  is second Cyrillic domain in the world. After it, appeared Kazakh. КАЗ (registration began in November 2012., and so far it is registered less than 2,200 names), Ukrainian. УКР (registration began at end of August), and Mongolian. МОН.

Registration of national. RS and .СРБ domains for end-users perform 38 authorized registrars all around Serbia. On the web site is explained why is good to have your name. on RS and .СРБ  domain, how to select it properly, where and how to register, the statement said.

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