Ministry of finance to prepare the information as the basis for Revision od budget

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From Ministry stated that they expect reviewing  of the information as soon as possible, after which they will define their further activities.

At beginning of  August Ministry withdrew the Draft of revised budget, because at the Meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for Economy, Finance and Budget, it was clear that it will not get the necessary support in the Parliament.

Minister of Finance Radoje Žugić announced that in September, will be propose the new one.

The government by revised budget should resolve debtor-creditor relations between Aluminum (KAP) Electric Enterprise (EPCG), Coal Mine, Montenegrin Transmission System (CGES) and states in the amount of 61 million euro.

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Proposal of revised budget for this year, the Government adopted in early July and by it was anticipated settlement of the debt  of KAP towards EPCG in the amount of 61 million, and also additional borrowing of state in amount of  102 million guarantee from the fall of the Hungarian OTP Bank and Russian VT (SSS), in the amount of EUR 102 million, which has been activated already.

During the session of the Committee, Žugić accepted an amendment to the revision, which provides that the state does not pay the debt for KAP for electric, but besides representatives of  Social democratic Party (SDP) said they will not support the revision. The amendment was proposed by a group of MPs from the Bosnian party, the Croatian Civic Initiative and Force.

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