Dukat is sole owner of Ljubljana mlekarne

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Dukat is the Zagreb Stock Exchange reported that the main shareholder of Ljubljana mlekarne spent a procedure by which all the shares of minority shareholders and the Slovenian company will be transferred to Dukat , who is now the sole owner of Ljubljana mlekarne . According to the publication of company, Dukat is the main shareholder of Ljubljana mlekarne done a procedure by which all the shares of the minority shareholders of the company were transferred to Dukat as the main shareholder , pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act of the Republic of Slovenia.

Thus Dukat became the owner of 4,381,933 shares of Ljubljana mlekarne, which is 100 percent of the capital Ljubljana mlekarne concludes that in today's notice of Dukat , a member of the Lactalis Group .

Dukat in the middle of this year acquired a majority , 50.3 percent stake in the Ljubljana mlekarne of NFD Holding, Factor Bank Mutual Fund , delniška Dohodkovni KD , KD Bank and Save .

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After that Dukat has come out with a binding offer to purchase the shares of the company from Ljubljana , and in that process received an additional 46.23 percent of the shares and the second half of May, a total of 96.52 percent of the shares .

Assembly Ljubljana mlekarne the beginning of August , according to Slovenian law , made a decision on the transfer of shares to the shareholders manjskih Dukat .

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