Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska forcibly collected 37 million KM

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Due to non-payment of taxes and contributions Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska just in the first six months of this year has launched more than 24,000 enforced collection actions and thus collected 37.8 million, which is still only a little more than one third of the total tax debt.

Since the beginning of the year to 30 June Tax Administration has launched 24,111 enforced collection actions for unpaid 101.4 million. Of this amount, in the first six months of 2013th the collected 19million KM , and an additional 16.1 million KM on the basis of proceedings initiated forcible collection from the previous period .

For half a year , there has been made ​​the decision to postpone the payment of tax liabilities in the amount of 2.2 million.

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Most of the revenue from enforced collection was transferred to the RS budget on an item of direct taxes (34.5 million KM ) , Income Tax Authority ( KM 1.8 million ) and the payment of overdue obligations on the basis of indirect taxes ( 461,000 KM).

In accordance with the Law on Tax Procedure of the Republic of Srpska , Tax Administration has launched enforced collection of taxes , ex officio.

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