Republic of Srpska: The capital investment to amount of 1.5 billion KM

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The public investment programs in Republic of Srpska  for a period of 2014- 2016. year will amount in capital investments totaling $ 1,576 billion KM , including own funds participant in the implementation .

From this amount, the public investment – investment in socio- economic development refers to 1,453 billion KM , and investment in strengthening / building administrative and technical capacity of 122.1 million, was announced  from the Srpska Government Office of Public Relations .

Srpska government adopted today at the session in Teslic Information on the implementation of projects financed by the Economic and Social Development Programme.

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Prioritize development policies Serbian make better conditions for investment and increasing foreign investment and investment from the economic and social components of the Development of Serbian politics are part of the total public investment at the level of the Republic.

Out of this component as at 31 July approved a total of 611.2 million, with 591,2 million KM to fund 281 projects by the decisions of the Council and of 19.9 million KM decisions of Srpska  Government to stabilize the functioning of the local communities affected by natural disasters .

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