Serbia: The Stabilisation and Association Agreement entered into force today

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The Stabilisation and Association Agreement ( SAA) between the EU and Serbia entered into force today , as the EU's 24th July has informed  Serbia that ended with the ratification of agreements in the Member States.

With the entry into force of the SAA it will be created bodies that will monitor the implementation of the Agreement , and which will have representatives from Serbia and the EU – Council for Stabilisation and Association Council , the Stabilisation and Association Council, as well as the Parliamentary Committee for Stabilisation and Association .

On the day of the entry into force of the SAA cease application of the Interim Trade Agreement with the EU , and deadlines that have begun to run at the beginning of implementation of the Interim Agreement on 1 January 2009th continue without interruption to flow even after the termination of his term , recalled the Office of Prime Minister for Eurointegration .

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When it comes to trade relations the process of liberalization began applying the Interim Trade Agreement , will continue which means that the first January 2014th The liberalization will be completed for all industrial products originating in the EU , and for most agricultural products. For a number of agricultural products will , in order to be protected by domestic producers , Serbia retain certain tariffs .

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