Montenegro: Better tax collection

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In the first eight months of this year it has been collected around 762 million euros, up by 3.2 percent , or 23.32 million more than planned , it was announced from the Ministry of Finance .

Charged more than planned . Compared to the same period last year, the revenue is higher by 6.85 percent , or 48.9 million. The Ministry of Finance says that will in the future continue to stricter regulation of penal policy , and in order to increase fiscal discipline.

“Viewed by the revenue structure, particularly positive developments occurred in collection of value added tax , or 19.27 percent , or 44.77 million higher fee compared to the same period last year ,” it said in a statement .

In August it has been collected 124.4 million , which is 9.53 million more than planned .

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The Ministry of Finance announced that, in order to inform the public, to publish a list of taxpayers , which have been found to have recently committed more fouls .

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