In Macedonia, 101.4 million euros of foreign investment in half a year

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The foreign investments in Macedonia in the first half of this year amounted to 101.4 million euros , the National Bank of Macedonia said. This is 21.8% more than last year , but if we analyze the structure of the portfolio of foreign capital , it seems that most of these investments, ie 54.2 million euros actually loans from abroad that have drawn foreign investors . Invested equity capital and reinvested earnings in this period amounted to EUR 48.8 million , which is 25% less than the same period last year.

If this pace of investment continue until the end of the year , it will mean that we can expect a better result than doubled last year, but at the same time , would mean that the water falling government estimates for the inflow of investment between 300 and 400 million.

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Recently, the Agency for Trade and Development United Nations released the latest report on foreign direct investment in Southeast Europe, which showed that Macedonia , with a balance of $ 132 million has a minimum investment of all Balkan countries .

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