Tax debt in Montenegro is 330 million euros

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Taxpayers’ debt  in Montenegro currently stands at 330 million euros , said today, director of Tax Administration, Milan Lakićević .

He added that  Tax Administration continues  to take measures to reduce the debt .

According to him, the tax debt without interest is 244.2 million, with interest rates  is over 85.8 million euros.

” We continually take measures to reduce the tax debt. Besides enforcement, blocking bank accounts , mortgages and pledges , and seizure of property, taxpayers are allowed to settle tax obligations with property,” said Lakićević .

He recalled that the Tax Administration published ” the black list ” 100 biggest tax debtors who have not paid liabilities on basis of VAT, concessions, income tax and transfer tax and the 50 largest borrowers ,on basis of taxes and contributions .

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” We will soon publish an update  ” the black list ” of the 200 largest borrowers on basis of excise duty , VAT, concessions, tax and real estate and 50 largest borrowers on the basis of tax on earnings ,” announced Lakićević .

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