BiH citizens owe 2.5 billion euros!

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That  citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina each year  are borrowing, more and more, it was confirmed by official data of Banking agency of BiH, according to which ,in the first half of the 2013, it was approved a total of 3.2 billion KM of new loans ,which is  up to  15.4 percent , or 427 million KM more ,than in the same period last year.

Association of consumers, everyday, warn ,that the citizens due to the difficult economic situation are compelled to raise the general purpose loans , and then, new loans to close old ones and so forth . However , they explain that it is impossible to survive without a loan , and for larger purchase of groceries, they take credit loans..

In the first half of the 2013 , in fact , the sectoral structure of loans is slightly changed from the end of 2012. year.

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Loans ,approved to households are bigger  for the one percent , or 56 million KM , and reached the amount of 5.1 billion KM. From Banking Agency of BIH say that  according to data submitted by banks , which are related to the structure of loans to households , the share of loans is unchanged compared to the end of 2012. year .

Thus, approved loans to finance consumer goods amounted to 74 per cent, while the share of housing loans is 23 percent. With The remaining three percent are  credited the small industries , small business and agriculture.

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