CRO: The government abolished tax relief on the purchase of the first property due to misuse

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Abolition of tax relief on the purchase of the first property is proposed because such relief is far too abused, and the government proposes reducing the tax rate on real estate from five percent to four percent in order to encourage real estate market, said the Finance Minister Slavko Linic via Twitter to citizens who ask questions via the social networks.

Linic along with Vice Minister Branko Grčić and Milanka Opacic responded to questions asked by people via Twitter asking about the recently introduced guidelines of economic and fiscal policy 2014th – 2016th Government representatives are once again sent a message to the citizens who have expressed their dissatisfaction with some of the proposed measures, that the consumption is not a solution for the crises.

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– For twenty years we have  consumed too much, because of that now we have 46 billion euros of debt. The future we need to build on investment and development, and not on  consumption, said the three ministers.

Explaining the reason for termination of benefits on  tax on the purchase of the first property Linic said that such relief is much abused.

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