CRO: According to EU rules deficit by the end of 2013t will be 20 billion kuna

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Croatia's budget deficit by the end of the year, calculated according to the rules of the European Union, and according to estimates of the Croatian economic analysts could amount to 20 billion kuna  and it is certain that the European Commission will include Croatia in excessive budget deficit procedure (EDP),where  already 16 member countries are , only Estonia and Sweden have never been there , while nine states this procedure successfully completed., Analysts evaluate that  from Croatia it could   be required to annually save between 1.75 to two billion kuna, and the amount that can not  save replace by the growth of revenue.

Croatia's budget deficit at the end of August, according to the Ministry of Finance was 13.02 billion euros which is about 3 billion more than planned and represents  3.8 per cent of the budget. Since there is four months to  the end of the year, and the budget is lower primarily due to lower  incomes of value added tax. Therefore, the deficit can not be avoided  and to the the end of the year, economic analysts believe  it could reach 17 billion kuna.

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Up to 20 billion, which will eventually make 6 percent of GDP  the deficit will grow because Croatia in the state budget deficit must include the deficits of public enterprises, and the budgets of all units of local self-government and their companies, in which  important key play indebted Zagreb Holding. Croatia will  by the inclusion of these same items have to  correct current view of the public debt, which after correction should be around 75 percent of GDP.

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