Republic of Srpska: Foreigners buy real estate

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The real estate market in the Republic of Srpska is beinbg saved by the  foreigners who buy flats and houses, land and commercial property.Owner of the estate agency  Tviko, from Trebinje, Vaso Milic said that for  real estate in this part of the Republic of Srpska , are mainly interested people  from Russia, reports Glas Srpska.

According to him, the Russians are looking for real estate in the Republic of Srpska ,because it is cheaper  when compared to Montenegro, where they bought a lot in the last years, so they are buying flats,houses and larger sizes of land, on which they build.

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He pointed out that the property in the Republic of Srpska is cheaper for the foreigners compared to their earnings, and that some of them buy real estate because they own a company in the BIH ,while other buy flats and houses and they onlky come during the holidays.However the apartments in the RS can not afford all the foreigners  but only the citizens of those countries in which the citizens of BIH can buy property ,houses and land.

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