Split Bank and Allianz ZB investigated about insider trading in shares of Mercator

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Slovenian media say that in investigating on insider trading in shares of Mercator are mentioning Bank of Split and whole story is characterized as international affair. The local police confirmed to work with their Croatian counterparts.

Renowned Slovenian bankers are on suspicion that they were, using preferred shares, bought shares of Mercator for its own account. Slovenian investigator Robert Slodej said for Slovene media as a suspect, employee in  financial institution, with group of people in Slovenia and neighbor countries, came to information about intention of company from neighbor country to take over one company in Slovenia. According to his statement is concluded that it was about shares of Mercator, the company from neighbor country is probably Agrokor.

The investigation is expanding to other states, says Slodej, specifically in Croatia. Police is investigating whether Bank of Split and Croatian Allianz Funds, which are important owners of Mercator, bought Mercator shares on trust account in name of Janko Madja.

At the same time, Medja decided today  that will exclude from all decision-making regarding to sale of Mercator to Agrokor.

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“Does this mean that has been compromised sale of Mercator to Agrokor, which is still in progress, it is still unclear.” Also, Slovenian Finance recalls how former management NLB was ready to sell Mercator, before Policy stopped it.

Also resemble how is, by arrival of new administration, headed by Medja,  reopened chance of  sale Mercator to  Agrokor.

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