Rebulic of Srpska comes out of recession

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Member of Executive Board of SNSD and Minister of Finance in the Government of Republic of Srpska Zoran Tegeltija expressed his belief that the RS will have a positive economic growth of about 1.5 percent by the end of this year, and thus be out of recession.

“Out of recession means that GDP and industrial production grow two consecutive quarters, as it is case with RS, and this trend is expected during next year. These are estimates that we get from international financial institutions and our expectations are that we are moving in this direction, “said Tegeltija.

Finance Minister dismissed opposition allegations of indebtedness of BiH entities, and stated that public debt of RS is on level of 43.3 percent of gross domestic product.

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“These indicators are positive, because for countries with debt to 40 percent of GDP it is said that have low indebted,” said Tegeltija and explained that according to the standards of EU and IMF believes that medium indebted countries  have 48 to 80 percent of gross domestic product, and more than 80 percent are highly leveraged.

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