Nathaniel Rothschild has Montenegrin citizenship

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The successor of famous banking dynasty and one of financiers of Porto Montenegro project in Tivat, James Nathaniel Rothschild, has received Montenegrin citizenship two years ago.

It showed data on 161 person who received Montenegrin citizenship for period of May 5 2008. to August 1 2013th, which  announced Ministry of Interior.

According to these data, the younger Rothschild's 2011th, at the request of the then Prime Minister of Montenegro Igor Luksic was added on list of Montenegrin citizens.

He is member of famous dynasty of German-Jewish origin, which represent one of the wealthiest families on the planet with minimum asset whose value is estimated at around 350 billion dollars. Rothschild laid the foundations of European banking and finance in late 18th century, while Nathaniel is president of  Investment Fund worth $ 22 billion.

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That same year, when he received citizenship, successor of banking empire celebrated 40th birthday in a luxury marina of Canadian billionaire Peter Mank. Birthday party, that according to English media cost millions of pounds, attended representatives of world jet-set, among them Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

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