MNE: Ten companies offering property to pay tax debt

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Ten companies that do not have money, offered property to pay tax for 2012. year, announced from  Ministry of Finance.

We remind that the Government passed decree that allowed settlement of tax debts for 2012. year by property, residential and commercial buildings, housing, and business building.

“Part of property which will be gained in this way,  can be disposed of in accordance with the Law on State Property, and part of the property could be used for accommodation of state authorities. Government of Montenegro will make a final decision about that,”explained from Ministry of Finance.

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They reminded that by Regulation on the procedure of debt collection by property of taxpayer is given opportunity to taxpayers, who because of poor economic situation and lack of liquidity, have not been able to pay regularly their tax liabilities that have accrued December 31st 2012., settle by their property.

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