Kosovo and Albania joint conference on water

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The first joint conference between the Association of Sewage water Kosovo and Albania, will be held on 6th November in Pristina. Joint conferences and exhibitions will be held annually under the organization of the two sister organizations.

Fidaim Jashari of Kosovo Water Association (SHUKOS), told that the conference is dedicated to enlarge cooperation between Kosovo and Albania, but also the entire Balkan region.

“In parallel with the conference, the exhibition will be organized, in which will participate private sector companies that provide products, technology and services for the water sector,” he told.

According Jashari, this conference represents an excellent opportunity to build contacts and exchange knowledge between the two countries in the field of water supply.

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“Professionals in the water sector, policy makers and businessmen operating in this sector are likely to join, discuss, exchange information and share experience as part of their commitment to develop the water sector in the Balkan region”, has he stressed.

Jashari said that the increased cooperation between Kosovo and Albania will give rise to further developments in this sector.

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