SRB: Interest on loan from the UAE less than 1 %

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Credit of the United Arab Emirates to support the Serbian budget will be at the most favorable interest rate that Serbia received from any state. It is estimated that the rate of interest, with a possible grace period will be between 0.5 and one percent. Implementation of the agreement on assistance to the Serbian budget , the first Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic achieved with e Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan .

“The following are concrete negotiations . What is already known is that this will be a bilateral loan , that loan will officially give the Government of the United Arab Emirates. Nevertheless , it is known that in this arrangement Serbia will be treated as an Arab state with which the UAE the friendliest relations. ”

As already confirmed in the Ministry of Finance , during the preparation of issuing new Eurobonds , which is supposed to provide one billion dollars of new money in the budget which has reserves of just under 500 million .

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“This kind of borrowing on the world market currently is not very good ,” according to the Ministry of Finance and they  remind that this spring Serbia issued Eurobond at interest rate of approximately 4.87 percent , but that would now have to pay at least six per cent.

In this sense , the announcement of the arrangement with the UAE for Serbia is more than favorable , especially because it will help to at least partially reconciled expensive loans taken shortly after the outbreak of the global crisis.

However , still no one is willing to confirm when the money from Abu Dhabi will get to the accounts of state budget.

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