Kosovo reached agreement with Macedonia

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Agreement has been reached between Kosovo and Macedonia for the removal of trade measures by both sides. The deal was confirmed by the Macedonian government spokesman.

Deputy Kosovo Prime Minister Hajredin Kuqi who in turn has led Kosovo talks to resolve the problem, confirmed the deal.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Industry, Mimoza Kusari-Lila has announced on her Twitter profile that the Macedonian government has lifted a ban on flour exports. Lifting the ban on imports of flour from Kosovo spokesman has confirmed the Government of Macedonia.

Deputy Prime Minister has announced lifting of the blockade of goods to Macedonia at the time that the neighboring state accepts the removal of tax for citizens and ban the export of flour.

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He said that tonight's meeting held in the offices of the Government of Macedonia has adopted the decision to abolished embargo set to Kosovo.

Macedonian government spokesman, Mohammed Hoxha stated that the import of flour will be invalidated.

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